Income-Expense Tracking

With income-expense tracking, you can track all the money going in and out of your business on a single screen and monitor your account from anywhere with Internet access.

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Track your income and expenses on a single screen

It is very easy to keep track of all your business's income and expenses with KolayBi'. See all incoming and outgoing payments on a single screen and take control without the need for separate income-expense tracking software. Receive notifications of upcoming payments by creating an alarm.

Keep all your company's expenses in one place

Create regular expense records by keeping all the major and minor expenses you incur on behalf of your company in one place. Record both your office expenses and additional expenses, such as invoices, taxi fares or food, with KolayBi'.

Full tracking of personnel expenses

Apart from customers and suppliers, you can also track the salaries and expenses of your personnel with the income-expense tracking feature. Define all salaries, advances, premiums and additional payments in your system, and keep your account correct by seeing the amount you have to pay at the end of the month.

Track your incomes and expenses on a single screen

You can see your different expenses on the same screen as your accounting transactions, and you can easily track your largest expenses.

See what you spend on the most

Regularly track which items you spend the most money on for your business.

Don't miss your tax and social insurance contributions

You can also track your tax payments with KolayBi'. Keep track of your social security contributions with our income-expense tracking feature.

Bank activities are under your control

View all incoming and outgoing payments to and from your company's bank accounts at any time.

What you can do with KolayBi' accounting software

From contact management to cash flow, invoice processes to inventory tracking, KolayBi' has all the features you need to organize your business with ease.


Facilitate your work by keeping your inventory information up-to-date. Get notified immediately when you're running low on stock!

Invoice Tracking

Issue invoices easily, see your paid and unpaid invoices, and track past invoice records from anywhere.


View all your business income and expense flows, and streamline your account.

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Income-Expense Tracking

It is vital for enterprises to track income and expenses. An enterprise that provides a service must balance its income and expenditure. If a firm's expenses are outstripping its revenue then bankruptcy beckons. So, the accurate monitoring of items such as rent, employee expenses, and tax obligations is essential. Disruptions to payments may prove more costly in the long run. There are different ways of carrying out income-expense tracking. Traditionally done with ledgers, it can now also be monitored with computers. Using a manual ledger spells paper wastage and potential data loss. Computer-based tracking is faster and easier to analyze. Computer-based tracking makes reporting possible.


Flexible and Custom Solutions for Your Sector-Specific Needs

KolayBi' accounting software offers features that will speed up your company's workflow in every sector with the use of special solutions. You can find and easily use the accounting requirements you need for your business on a single screen.