for Financial Advisors

Hemen Dene

What is KolayBi'Link?

Tracking platform for accountants KolayBi'Link is the strongest link between Financial Advisors and taxpayers. KolayBi'Link offers financial advisors; With GİB, SGK, e-Voucher for the Self-Employed (e-SMM) and Notaries Union Integration, it offers the opportunity to manage all applications from a single screen.

Ministry of Revenue Administration integration

Create automatic payment orders for your statements and invoices, gain speed!

Luca Integration

Transfer invoices of your taxpayers to Luca with Luca integration, receive remote payments with Virtual Pos Integration!

Taxpayer Management

Keep track of all your taxpayers from a single point, ensure the same order for each of your taxpayers!

e-Document Tracking

All your taxpayers who issue e-Invoices will automatically receive their invoices on the KolayBi'Link portal.