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Facilitate your operations with bank integration!

With KolayBi' Banka, you will enjoy error-free results in your most time-consuming and demanding transaction processes.

Invoice operations

Track all your bank movements instantly from a single platform. Optimize your all banking transactions.
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Income-expense management

Keep your income-expense records up-to-date with your bank and cash information, and keep financial situation under control.

Project cost tracking

Ensure your project-related expenses and incoming payments match your bank accounts, and easily monitor project costs.

Banks we Provide Integrated Solutions

KolayBi'Bank offers banking soultions to its customers with 22 intagrated banks.

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Opportunity to integrate up to 22 banks!

KolayBi' works in harmony with 21 banks for companies with multiple bank accounts. You can access all your bank accounts on a single screen and conduct transactions without wasting time. No more entering separate passwords and switching between accounts!

Instant access to your financial status on all your devices!

Your bank accounts should always be at hand. With KolayBi'Banka, you can instantly view your bank accounts from all your devices and securely monitor your financial status.

Match your current balance, and streamline your work!

You can now match the transactions listed in your bank account history with your transaction records in the KolayBi' accounting software. With this feature, you can distinguish which current account is related to incoming and outgoing payments for your bank account. In this way, you don't need to enter data manually. KolayBi' automatically matches your bank data with your transactions.

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What is Online Bank Account Integration?

Bank integration is a solution that KolayBi' offers for free and enables monitoring of account activities and cash flow. Bank records are of great importance when it comes to accessing information about income-expense balance and collections. Up-to-date tracking of bank records and monitoring of money flow is crucial for the growth of companies. Your bank invoicing is automated and performed without human intervention. You can have your invoice transferred over the system without waiting for the due date. Bank account activities allow you to match accounts with customers and suppliers, and to settle debts. You can rely on KolayBi' to maintain your economic balance and benefit from various advantages in order to grow your business. You can check your company's account activity and speed up your company management via KolayBi.

What is Online Banking?

The online banking system is an application that allows banks to reach their customers electronically. You can follow the company and product income-expense balance on mobile devices. It allows you to check your balance from your devices and benefit from up-to-date tracking of your cash flow. By viewing your account activity, you can see the invoices you have issued on the system and control your bank and cash information for your income and expenses. You can monitor the income you get from your new projects by keeping track of project costs. The system provides integration with up to 21 banks. Connecting systems makes it possible to track different accounts simultaneously. Open banking data are used for observing and providing access. With application interfaces, customers can directly access their bank accounts. All bank account activities can be tracked on a single screen and on every device. Open banking applications allow you to issue self-employment vouchers thanks to the e-voucher system for the self-employed. You can use it in legal and accounting transactions for income-expense balance and contact management. It is also easy to track the status of both your project and income and expenses through the bank. You can issue reports accordingly and share them with your company partners, as well as provide your employees with regular updates and information on payments. Issuing quick reports with the bank reporting feature and constantly monitoring your current status are other benefits of KolayBi'link integration. You can evaluate and observe your project costs and expenses. KolayBi' enables you to grow your company and use various company-related accounting software doing that. It allows companies to integrate with up to 21 banks with its innovative features and technology-compatible usage opportunities. You can report account information for several banks via e-mail or SMS, and have constant access to information on current balances. By using online banking integration, you'll be able to automate sales transactions in different sectors, such as production, service, imports, and exports. You can move forward on the path of growth by updating all your expenses throughout the process. Add-on features are available for certified public accountants. You can get information about solutions and features from KolayBi', and manage the processes your company needs.

What is Bank Integration?

The bank account integration and online bank account integration systems are used for several purposes, such as observing account activities and current banking data. Integration is possible with 21 banks. Contact management, accounting software, and industry options offer convenience to businesses. Bank transactions can be carried out in any environment, regardless of time and place. Thanks to SaaS, you can provide access from any device. The software has a user-friendly interface and helps you perform your transactions in a simple way. With its support service, KolayBi' helps you to perform your transactions whenever necessary. Add-on features for financial management are available for certified public accountants. This makes it possible for certified public accountants to use the systems as well. You can access so much information, such as income and expenses, creditors and collection status, e-transformation service and invoicing. Moreover, the invoice matching and commission collection matching features of the Online Banking system will help you keep your business under control. You can perform up-to-date inventory management and e-commerce transactions using different features from the same panel. With many convent functions, such as mobile access and accelerated collection, KolayBi' speeds up companies' transactions with up-to-date payable-receivable account access. You can use the bank integration feature, which offers unlimited customer opportunities for companies of three different sizes: SMEs, startups and private companies. Several methods are available for your sector, including service, production, wholesale and retail, e-commerce, consultancy, software and informatics, import and export. Within the process, you can control costs and profits, and observe invoice income-expenditure balance for growth. You can examine your company's growth and regression during specific periods, and prepare a report accordingly. Contact management provides a balance between customers and suppliers. You can use the system to obtain information about payables and receivables of current accounts. With the bank integration system, you can access your historical data and examine check/cash entries and current balance status. The system streamlines your work processes and operates in harmony with your bank accounts to provide automatic matching. Your account information is safely stored on the system, and your company data is protected. You can use online banking to provide income-expense management and to evaluate bank and cash information. You can also benefit from tracking your bank accounts on your mobile device. The software makes it possible to view invoice operations and issued invoices.

How is Bank Integration Performed?

An error-free data flow can be achieved by examining all bank accounts on a single screen and on a regular basis. Bank integration helps to facilitate the work of companies of different sizes with the advantages it provides. Thanks to the automatic screen and account activity system, you can view bank information such as buying and selling. First submit your documents to the bank, and then use your KolayBi' account with the information submitted by the bank. You can organize your accounting transactions with bank management and account tracking free of charge. Regularizing trading and income-expense transactions saves time for companies. With KolayBi'Banka, you can use the online banking system via mobile devices. Enter your bank information and receive bank approval one time to integrate the KolayBi' banking system with your devices without constantly changing accounts. You can perform your transactions automatically without the need for manual login. Online bank account integration enables quick collection via e-mail or SMS with the Virtual POS system. You can automate receiving payments and entering the payments received into the system without having to deal with them. The secure online banking integration also enables you to increase your profit rate by reducing costs. You can increase the efficiency of your company without performing costly transactions and paying high fees on a monthly basis. With its infrastructure features, it can be used reliably by companies and customers. It is suitable for virtual POS usage by all companies. Bank integration, a cloud technology that provides long-term tracking in office work, has many advantages. It provides account management that is easy to use for every business. With KolayBi', you can access continuous support and information about the features whenever you need help. There are SaaS solutions for providing online marketplace integration and controlling e-commerce electronically. These solutions quickly track your orders, manage your data flow, and transfer invoicing and archiving processes to mobile devices. You can perform accounting operations such as inventory, sales reporting, e-Invoice, e-Banking and e-Archive on KolayBi'. With the e-Invoice system, you can handle invoice transactions that are time-consuming when performed manually. Plus, checking the invoice balance of your business is very easy on KolayBi' from your office, home or anywhere else with an Internet connection.

What is Bank Integration?

Bank integration is a system that offers account tracking in the best and most practical way. It saves a lot of time by giving the user control.

How is Bank Integration Performed?

You can quickly integrate your bank accounts on our website by following the required steps to gather all your bank accounts under a single roof. You can control the panel with a single password.

What is Internet Banking?

Internet banking is a service that is constantly becoming more widespread in daily life with rapid technological developments. It allows you to conduct your business online without the need to go to the bank.

How is Internet Banking Used?

You can use the service with your Internet banking password wherever you have Internet access.