Integrate your bank accounts and feel at ease!

With our innovative additional feature KolayBi'Banka, integrate your accounting software and bank accounts to always keep your transactions up to date!

Opportunity to integrate up to 21 banks!

KolayBi' works in harmony with 21 banks for companies with multiple bank accounts. You can access all your bank accounts on a single screen and conduct transactions without wasting time. No more entering separate passwords and switching between accounts!

Instant access to your financial status on all your devices!

Your bank accounts should always be at hand. With KolayBi'Banka, you can instantly view your bank accounts from all your devices and securely monitor your financial status.

Match your current balance, and streamline your work!

You can now match the transactions listed in your bank account history with your transaction records in the KolayBi' accounting software. With this feature, you can distinguish which current account is related to incoming and outgoing payments for your bank account. In this way, you don't need to enter data manually. KolayBi' automatically matches your bank data with your transactions.

Facilitate your operations with bank integration!

With KolayBi' Banka, you will enjoy error-free results in your most time-consuming and demanding transaction processes. For example:

Invoice operations

See your current invoice records immediately when you receive payments for invoices you have issued.

Income-expense management

Keep your income-expense records up-to-date with your bank and cash information, and keep your financial situation under control.

Project cost tracking

Ensure your project-related expenses and incoming payments match your bank accounts, and easily monitor your project costs.

What is Online Bank Account Integration?

Bank integration is a solution that KolayBi' offers for free and enables monitoring of account activities and cash flow. Bank records are of great importance when it comes to accessing information about income-expense balance and collections. Up-to-date tracking of bank records and monitoring of money flow is crucial for the growth of companies. Your bank invoicing is automated and performed without human intervention. You can have your invoice transferred over the system without waiting for the due date. Bank account activities allow you to match accounts with customers and suppliers, and to settle debts. You can rely on KolayBi' to maintain your economic balance and benefit from various advantages in order to grow your business. You can check your company's account activity and speed up your company management via KolayBi.


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