We help small businesses thrive!

All financial needs of SMEs are in KolayBi!

We are a technology platform that aims to increase the financial efficiency of small and medium-sized businesses! We produce special solutions for all the needs of businesses with ccounting transactions, e-invoice and sales management, e-commerce integrations, digital wallet services, special fuel discounts and dozens of different products.

We will continue to develop our products to digitalize all financial processes of SMEs end-to-end and contribute to their financial sustainability.


KolayBi' CEO'su R. Gökhan Boyana
R. Gökhan Boyona
CEO & Co-Founder
KolayBi' CO-Founder Cem Ekinci
Cem Taylan Ekinci
COO & Co-Founder
KolayBi' CTO'su Eray Balat
Eray Balat
CTO & Board Member

Board Members

Varol Civil

Executive Board Member

at TEB Banks

Temel Güzeloğlu

Executive Board Member

at QNBFinansbank

İlker Sözdinler

CEO of
United Payment


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