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Perform your private company's e-invoice transactions with e-Signature, which has the same legal validity as your handwritten signature. Quickly perform transactions at banks, insurance companies and public institutions!

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Share your documents quickly and safely with e-Signature, which has the same legal validity as a wet signature as per Electronic Signature Law No. 5070! You can also perform corporate transactions with e-Signature with the appropriate authorization.

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With e-Signature, ensure the security of your identity and the documents you send via electronic media!

Save Time!

Get rid of costs such as paper and shipping, and sign transactions anytime and anywhere!

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Create vouchers from any device with an Internet connection and have them instantly delivered to your customers with a single click!


Advances in technology have made the use of the e-signature more widespread than the traditional wet-signature. The increased use of electronic signatures raised the question: what is an e-signature? An electronic signature is a form of data composed of letters and characters which make it eligible for use in a virtual environment; e-signatures have become the go-to choice in many fields. It is often preferred as it is the most convenient option for digital users.


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