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The easiest e-Invoice e-Archive management

Why not facilitate your invoice and other accounting processes with KolayBi'? Switch to e-Invoice and say goodbye to issuing paper invoices.

e-Fatura Programı

With e-Invoice, eliminate paper invoicing costs!

Issuing paper invoices is costly for your company in many aspects. It generates extra costs in terms of printing, ink and shipping expenses. By sending e-Invoices, you can avoid paper waste, which is better for the environment and your finances.

E-invoices are instantly received by your customer!

Don't wait to forward e-Invoices to your customers. By eliminating the long shipping processes, immediately send your invoice over the Internet and speed up your collections.

Issue e-Invoices anywhere you are

You do not need to be at the office to issue invoices with e-Invoice integration. Issue and deliver your invoices from anywhere you can access the Internet, and process your invoices immediately.

E-Invoice features that make your life easier!

Discover the time- and cost-saving features of e-Invoice now!

Don't risk losing your invoice archive

If necessary, view your entire invoice archive with just a few clicks and don't waste time searching!

Fast e-invoice e-archive transactions

Do not waste time creating an invoice, issue an invoice instantly, send it!

Environmentally friendly e-invoice

E-invoice and e-archive offer environmental solutions that minimize paper consumption.

What is the e-Invoice Archiving Feature?

e-Invoices, which are prepared in electronic media and sent to the relevant recipients, set out the amount, type, price and total cost of the goods sold, created by the seller and presented to the buyer in the form of a document. The e-Invoice feature puts an end to conventional invoicing methods and enables invoice transactions to be carried out in a much more practical and advantageous way. e-Invoices have the same legal validity as paper invoices. What's more, the reduction of paper consumption thanks to e-Invoices means you'll be adopting an eco-friendly approach, which also allows you to save on labor and electrical power. It also saves on the electricity consumption of printers. However, the time saved by e-Invoice is very important considering today's fast-paced world.


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