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What is an e-Export Invoice, and how is it issued?

Invoicing is one of the most critical steps of export processes. It may be extremely difficult to manage invoicing processes with conventional methods, especially when performing foreign purchases/sales. At this stage, KolayBi’s e-Export Invoice service can both minimize your in-company expenses and allow you to quickly and practically perform the invoicing stage, which is extremely demanding and long if conventional methods are used at the export stage. You will save not only money but also time by controlling your invoices with electronic systems. You can set aside the big challenges, especially at the stage of delivering invoices, and quickly direct them to your customers on electronic media, allowing you to enjoy the advantage of making collections as quickly as possible.

You can also quickly carry out invoice formalization procedures via the e-Export Invoice Portal, where you can perform all these transactions and many more. By sending an e-export invoice, you automatically issue the invoice to the systems of the Ministry of Customs and Trade via the portal, and you can complete formalization procedures without additional steps. In addition to this advantage and many more, you can also prevent the generation of paper waste by avoiding paper invoices, which will help you to be eco-friendly. When transitioning from paper invoices to an electronic system, you'll be able to make more effective use of invoice information throughout your business transactions. Moreover, starting from your transition to this system that facilitates issuing of e-export invoices, you can filter your invoices according to type, access the transactions you are looking for more easily, or acquire data that can contribute to your business intelligence with detailed reporting systems available on the portal.

Issuing e-Export Invoices

It is very easy to issue invoices within the KolayBi’ e-invoice portal, which is designed to allow users to perform transactions in the quickest way possible with an updated and requirements-driven interface. You can select the "Create Invoice" option in the "Sales Management" menu of the portal and start "Issuing e-Export Invoices" quickly. Thanks to the options provided during form completion, you can successfully complete your form and issue your e-export invoice by following an easy step-by-step process. The form offered by the interface varies in terms of certain information. Basic information and e-invoice information are the two main categories. Within the scope of basic information, you can complete additional fields required for the current account, such as address, date of issue, serial number, due date, currency and, if any, project information. Then you should complete fields such as name, quantity, unit price, VAT rate and total amount related to the product or service under the "product/service information" heading. The next stage is e-invoice information, where you select the scenario and type related to the invoice to be issued. The "Information on goods" section that follows is mandatory. At this stage, fields such as the reason for VAT exemption are automatically filled. Fields related to the Customs Tariff Statistics Position (GTİP) code, product features and details are filled to complete all information related to the product.

Another mandatory field for the contents of the e-Export invoice is transportation information. In this field, you are required to select the appropriate delivery term (FAS, FOB, CFR, etc.) and means of transport (sea, rail, land). Fields for freight and insurance amounts are optional. After filling the mandatory fields in the form, you can save the relevant invoice if you wish or choose to both save and send it to the Revenue Administration portal.

Advantages of e-Export Invoices

With electronic invoicing, you can get ahead of your competitors at several stages, reach your customers faster, and create your archives and reports with a few clicks. The invoicing process under conventional methods consists of several demanding and costly stages for the sender, such as printing, stamping and mailing invoices. Considering possible human error in addition to these stages, this is one of the factors that can slow your company down in many areas. Despite all these disadvantages, you can easily manage the process of issuing e-export invoices with automation that minimizes human error and does not require extra labor. Possible errors at the data input stage are minimized with the continuous automation of invoicing processes and the elimination of the need for manual intervention. Thanks to gains in terms of materials and reduction of human error, you can start completing relevant transactions and receiving payments more quickly. As opposed to physical invoices issued using conventional methods, automated digital forms that you can quickly create with e-export samples and templates allow you to perform the invoicing process faster and more smoothly. As a result, you can reach higher customer satisfaction rates and increase the number of your loyal customers by processing your invoices faster and encountering fewer problems. You can also reduce the invoicing costs of your business and perform a more customer-friendly invoicing process with KolayBi’ e-Export Invoice Portal solutions, where automation comes to the forefront and human error is minimized, and which can reduce your company's carbon footprint and have a positive effect on your customer relations.

Effective Archiving with the e-Export Invoice Portal

Transitioning from conventional methods to e-Invoice systems, where you can issue invoices without losing time or money, will provide extremely critical advantages for your business. Archive management can be very challenging and demanding for businesses that issue many invoices. At this stage, you can easily manage your archives with e-Invoice solutions and also search for documents quickly. With the archive system a few clicks away, you can easily filter your documents at the stage of e-export invoice inquiry, and you can instantly access the invoices you need from anywhere. Another benefit of electronic invoicing is that it eliminates many disadvantages that can cost your business time and money, starting from the invoice printing process (ink, cargo and printer maintenance costs, etc.), and offers you the opportunity to deliver your invoices to your customers in an easy, fast and reliable way. Another benefit of archiving in electronic media is the ease of archiving invoices securely for possible tax audits. Unlike damage to conventional paper invoices caused by fire, water or user error, the destruction of archives can be easily prevented when invoices are stored as e-export invoices in the digital environment. Fast copying and back-up options brought by the digitalization of invoices make it much easier to take additional precautions. As paper usage within your company decreases, you can also take a step towards protecting nature, and switch to e-Invoice systems to reduce paper waste.