Special Fuel Discount for KolayBi' Users!

Savings up to 1000₺

Term of Campaign

After you complete the term of application requirements, vehicle identification card will be send your address immediately. In order to take advantage of this campaign, it’s enough to showyour card to field petrol station officer. ( or you can scan your PO card tokiosk machine in the gas station before start refuelling)Before start refuelling the card must bescanned. You can benefit the campaign with multiple vehicle registration plate.

Different PO cards will be send each license plate, You can get discounted fuelfor 1 year as of the date you are included in the system. Regardless of theamount of fuel you bought, you can benefit from the discount.This campaign is valid in Petrol Ofisistations that provide Vehicle Identifiction AutoMatic System.

KolayBi' andUpEnerji reserve the right to making changes within the campaign terms andconditions. All natural and legal persons can apply with their tax number.You can contact our customer services viathe call center at +90 850 242 4212 or e-mail addressinfo@upenerjibilisim.com.tr regarding all your application and fuel purchasing processes.