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Keep track of your product inventories with the online inventory management feature,
and view your inventory status anywhere and at any time.

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Accelerate your sales with a web-based stock tracking software

By doing your stock tracking on KolayBi, you can see the products with the highest performance and easily respond to the needs of your customers according to your stock amount.

Immediately find the product you are looking for

Simply type the barcode number to find a product with barcodes that you can add to your inventory records.
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View your bestsellers

See your best-selling and most profitable products whenever you want.

Receive orders according to your inventory

When you receive a new order, you can easily predict when you can procure the order by seeing your inventory stocks in every location.
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Create an inventory tracking system for your company

You no longer need separate inventory tracking software or manual record keeping. With KolayBi', keep your product inventory records with greater ease, and avoid the mistakes that can arise during manual recording. Moreover, switching to this new system is very easy for your company. Start using it immediately and import your existing inventory records!

You are in control with the warehouse inventory feature

Discover the many advantages that KolayBi' inventory management can bring to your business. Your inventory will be updated instantly as you make sales, and you will not waste time updating your inventory information after each sale. Get notified immediately when you reach the critical inventory quantity you have determined, and do not miss sales because you are out of stock. Accelerate your workflow while simplifying inventory tracking.

Easily calculate the cost of your products

See the cost and profit of the products you produce or buy for your company on a single screen. With the inventory tracking feature, don't miss anything, from purchase prices to taxes. When you want to set up a discount, immediately update the discount amount. And all this in any currency you want!

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Speed up time-consuming financial operations. Get simplicity and organization in contact management,
invoice and cash tracking, inventory management and reporting processes with KolayBi'.

Inventory Management Software

It is crucial that companies keep track of their existing inventory. There are multiple ways of doing so. Inventory management software is one such method, and it can be managed without fuss. This exclusive software helps you conduct and track inventory-related operations. As it is used to identify which products are the best-sellers and at what pace they are sold, you can benefit from useful inventory data and increase your sales. This exclusive software helps you conduct and track inventory-related operations. As it is used to identify which products are the best-sellers and at what pace they are sold, you can benefit from useful inventory data and increase your sales.

What are the benefits of inventory management software?

Using inventory management software</strong> to keep track of your inventory is a sensible strategy. Here are the advantages of using the software:

  • You can manage your costs with ease.
  • Procurement and sale stages are regular; effectively reducing costs.
  • Material and product losses are minimized.
  • You can create more realistic production processes and facilitate their management.
  • You can transform your production process into a more orderly and sustainable one. This means disruptions in the production stage because of a lack of products or raw materials are avoided.
  • You can regularly identify your requirements and contribute to financial management.

Companies using the product inventory management software can run their processes more professionally. You can minimize potential setbacks and ensure happy and returning customers. This helps you boost your profits. Sustainability in sales and production is another advantage of the inventory management software.

What services does inventory management software offer?

The sales and inventory management software offers a wide range of useful services. You can access all kinds of information regarding inventory. Here are the services that sales and inventory management software offers:

  • Date the stock arrived
  • How long it has been there
  • Product cost
  • When to ship products
  • Inventory amount
  • Detailed reporting
  • Label printing

You can not only keep track of your inventory instantly but also track warehouse and sales using inventory management software. In additional to the finally formed products, you can also keep track of your raw material inventory. In general, professional inventory management software solutions have barcode support. It is a touch-operated system. It is compatible with all kinds of labels and printers. So you can truly focus on products and spend less time on your inventory.

What are the functions of cloud-based inventory management software?

Cloud-based inventory management software</strong> stores and tracks data online without the need for any installation. All inventory-related information is stored virtually and you can access the data wherever you have an internet connection. Here are some of the functions of cloud-based inventory management software:

  • It is safer than desktop applications. It offers an online tracking feature without needing any installation.
  • You can facilitate and accelerate your processes, such as orders, invoicing, etc. Saving your valuable time.
  • You do not need to go to the office to access your data. You can run inventory management wherever you are with an internet connection.
  • You can run synchronized operations by adding different people to the web-based inventory management software.
  • You won't lose your data even if your computer or data storage device is stolen. You can access this data on different smart devices.

You can enjoy all these features by taking advantage of cloud-based e-commerce inventory management software.

How do I use inventory management software?

First, you need to download an application to your smart device to use the inventory management software. Then, you should submit all the inventory details and process transactions to the application. If you use cloud-based software, you won't need any installation.

Who should use inventory management software?

For anyone with a physical and/or virtual store, inventory management software is a must. Owners of manufacturing companies should choose such software to bring a professional sheen to their operations.