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As your business grows, you need to manage a much larger workflow. KolayBi' helps you manage all of your time-consuming processes. Because we know you are always thinking about how you can develop your business, KolayBi' saves you valuable time that can be spent bringing your vision to life.

Everything from your orders to personnel expenses on a single screen!

Regardless of your industry, you can track all your transactions on a single screen. Keep your income and expenses under control without missing any details, from current accounts to personnel expenses. If you wish, you may also run your order entire processes, from start to invoicing, in KolayBi'. Set your preferred layout and make your job easier!

Let our integrated functions make your life easier!

Provide alternative collection methods with e-Invoice, KolayBi' Banka and Virtual POS applications that you can integrate into KolayBi'. Ensure your invoices reach your customers instantly. If you wish, you can have them pay immediately online by credit card. View the instant balance of your accounts at any time with online bank account integration.

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Speed up time-consuming financial operations. Get simplicity and organization in contact management,
invoice and cash tracking, inventory management and reporting processes with KolayBi'.

KolayBi' for SMEs

As technology advances and becomes more central to our lives, it helps companies to operate more efficiently. Companies use various software packages to adapt to changes and ensure a more sustainable working model. These options also include accounting software. These are useful platforms for meeting the requirements of SMEs across a broad range of sectors. To get information about sales, profit, and VAT you can use accounting software to create reports without difficulty.

Such software is vital, particularly for saving time and allowing focus to shift to other tasks. It also helps you to reduce your workload and minimize the staff headcount. You can easily track your finances and access all the data instantly and 24/7 by utilizing accounting reporting software.

The Importance of KolayBi' Apps and Software for SMEs

Accounting software is important when it comes to bolstering SMEs. These accounting apps and software have plenty of things going for them. Here are some of the reasons why SMEs benefit from using accounting software:

  • Corporate organization becomes easier and more efficient.
  • It can bring real results and planning can be more practical when applied to future work.
  • Business-related disruptions can be detected easily and preventive intervention can be swift and effective.
  • Accounting reports supply crucial information during decision-making processes.
  • With tough competition all around, these reports help by generating ideas about how to improve operational efficiency and sharpen the competitive edge.
  • Corporate distribution of tasks and tracking can be managed more smoothly.
  • A company's financial data can be created without a hitch and instant tracking is also a feature.

No matter what industry you are in as an SME, and no matter how big your business is, employing KolayBi' apps and software will advance your processes with speed and simplicity. The accounting software means you have a raft of sales information at your fingertips. You can utilize the accounting software to view your daily commercial activities. This helps you come up with plans and strategies about measures you need to take in the future, and gives you a picture of the upcoming payments you will need to make..

KolayBi' applications are an excellent example of accounting software for SMEs. The functions in such software deliver greater efficiency. Useful feature: It helps you access multiple data on a single platform. It also has exclusive features for SMEs, which are specifically addressed at their unique requirements Software and apps like these help to push small- and medium-sized businesses towards rapid growth. Accounting software not only helps to expand your business but also brings added professionalism to your processes. It also ensures fast process management and happy customers. KolayBi's exclusive software programs boast the most efficient features to address your diverse requirements.

What are the functions of Kolaybi' accounting software?

If you prefer SaaS for accounting operations, you can integrate multiple operations including invoice tracking, cash flow, inventory tracking, and order management. If seamless productivity is your goal, you can reach it with these outstanding features of KolayBi' accounting software:

  • Contact Management: You can monitor your payables, receivables, and all sorts of other records across customers, suppliers, and staff.
  • Inventory Tracking: Access up-to-the-minute stock data by regularly updating your inventory and make warehouse woes a thing of the past.
  • Invoice Tracking: You can stay on top of receivables by issuing invoices and tracking paid and unpaid invoices with ease. You can also track archived invoices.
  • Order Management: Keeping records of your received orders is a breeze. Manage all of your clients' confirmed orders at the touch of a button.
  • Income-Expense Tracking: Bring order to your finances by monitoring all of your business income and expenditure.
  • Project Income-Expense Tracking: You can keep a close eye on the income and expenses of all your projects. You can calculate the revenue generated by any project quickly and whenever you want.
  • Reporting: The instant status updates provided by the reporting function mean you are always in control. You can also share these reports with your partners and employees.

You can conduct a bank integration and Bi'Link integration with the <strong>accounting software</strong>. Furthermore, these operations are also included: multi-invoice formalization, multi e-export invoice creation, invoice reporting by type, and the digital sharing of invoices. Managing these operations on a single platform will free up your time. Accounting software also plays an important role in minimizing costs. Helping you work in a sustainable and productive way, KolayBi' brings the latest technology to your desk.

With cloud-based technology, accounting, online reporting, and tracking are simpler than ever before. This system helps you regularly process and update all your data. In addition, multiple personnel can make simultaneous changes on the same system. The cloud-based system offers benefits by ensuring instant tracking and allowing for changes to be made on multiple devices. You can choose software and apps to meet the diverse accounting needs of your business.

How do I use accounting software?

Various platforms are available for companies to run their accounting operations from. These platforms generally include the accounting and tracking units of businesses. The finance tracking software that is especially advantageous for SMEs may be just the thing for relatively small-sized businesses. These businesses might not make huge investments, but they can track the things that matter to them, such as inventory, orders, invoices, and expenses on a single platform. With this SME-friendly software, purchasing, reporting, and borrowing applications can be conducted smoothly. Software with a user-friendly interface helps you save on time and costs. Accounting software is important, especially for developing SMEs.

The tracking of operations like sales, inventory, and cost ensures the entire process moves seamlessly. You get to check and analyze your tracking operations. This helps you manage your processes efficiently. Newbie small-sized businesses can discover their ideal accounting processes by using SME accounting software. Accounting is the lifeblood of businesses. That is why professional services in this field are a must. With accounting software covering multiple advanced functions, businesses are able to access clear and instant data on their financial status. Such software allows data storage, reports and analysis, and process management. This eliminates data loss risks. Strikingly different from conventional accounting methods, KolayBi accounting software helps you boost the productivity and sustainability of your business.

Why is accounting important for SMEs?

Accounting has a singularly important role, especially in developing SMEs. It not only gathers information on the progress of the business but also facilitates the planning process. So, SMEs should undoubtedly embrace accounting wholeheartedly, and they may find that accounting software represents the smart way ahead.

What does accounting do?

One of accounting's benefits is that it helps businesses operate more effectively. Accounting activities give you a window on your enterprise, enabling you to track deliveries, payables and receivables, register activities, track orders and sales and purchase invoices, and monitor bank accounts, loans, checks, and bonds.