Order Management

Easy Order Tracking

Record all orders from your customers immediately and turn your orders into sales quickly with end-to-end order management!

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Manage your order from start to invoicing

Turn your customer's order request into sales instantly with KolayBi'. From sending proforma invoices to taking orders, and from issuing sales receipts to issuing invoices - manage your order end-to-end.

See all order details in one place

Facilitate sales with order details. See your inventory information and return to orders; do not miss any sales! For easy order tracking, add information such as current account name, the project that the order belongs to, or special tags, and see all details on a single screen.

Manage orders from wherever you are

No matter where you are, you can process orders from the moment you receive them. Generate fast orders by using the online KolayBi' from anywhere with an Internet connection, and never miss a sale.

Your workflow is more efficient with the order tracking software!

Take advantage of KolayBi' in terms of your order management and increase your sales volume!

Ongoing order tracking

No matter what your order volume is, create simple and organized order records.

Increase sales efficiency

Minimize the margin for error in orders and ensure customer satisfaction with rapid turnaround.

Work with any currency you want

Create your orders according to the currency in which you will receive payments. Work with different currencies for each order.

What you can do with KolayBi' accounting software

From contact management to cash flow, invoice processes to inventory tracking, KolayBi' has all the features you need to organize your business with ease.


Facilitate your work by keeping your inventory information up-to-date. Get notified immediately when you're running low on stock!

Invoice Tracking

Issue invoices easily, see your paid and unpaid invoices, and track past invoice records from anywhere.


View all your business income and expense flows, and streamline your account.

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Order Tracking Software

Managing customer orders via digital tools instead of conventional methods is time-smart. Order tracking software means customer orders can be viewed and acted upon speedily. Easy-to-use software minimizes potential risks over products and services.


Flexible and Custom Solutions for Your Sector-Specific Needs

KolayBi' accounting software offers features that will speed up your company's workflow in every sector with the use of special solutions. You can find and easily use the accounting requirements you need for your business on a single screen.