Contact Management Feature

All payable and receivable amounts pertaining to your customers
and suppliers are at your fingertips with contact management on KolayBi'.

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Always stay up to date with flexible usage

With KolayBi, you can keep a record of transactions with the payment type you want, and track your current account debt and receivables.
You can access all your current balances at any time you want.

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Accessible transaction history

Download and share a breakdown of past payables and receivables pertaining to selected customers with one click.

Check and cash inflow

You can record your check or cash collections and conduct transactions using the type of payment of your choice.

Up-to-date current account balance

Instantly view your account activities with Online Bank Account integration, associate them with current accounts , and update your information automatically.

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Keep your current account list up-to-date at all times

If you need a contact management solution immediately, you can start using itnow with KolayBi'. Transfer your current payable and receivable records in bulk and see how easily your company adapts to the new system.

Facilitate payment tracking

Track all your payables and receivables from a single screen with the KolayBi' contact management solution and do not miss any payments with regular records. No more hassles of organizing the dates of your payments, KolayBi' reminds you when payments are due.

Send current account statements instantly

Access and share the breakdown of your current accounts whenever you want. You can instantly download the latest account statement in PDF or Excel format and share it via e-mail from wherever you are.

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Speed up time-consuming financial operations. Get simplicity and organization in contact management,
invoice and cash tracking, inventory management and reporting processes with KolayBi'.

What is Contact Management?

As a platform that allows you to perform all transactions practically on the same page, KolayBi’ also provides you with contact management. This feature offers the option to track all receivable and payable balances for your suppliers and customers. Therefore, you can react faster and with greater control in the way you manage your business. You will gain many advantages from the Contact Management Feature, especially tracking invoices, inventory, and income-expense.

What is Contact Management and What are the Advantages of Income-Expense Tracking?

If you're wondering what contact management is, we would define it as the capability of parties engaged in the purchase/sale of services or goods to view services and corresponding payments by recording the relevant workflow. This entire flow can be easily tracked with KolayBi’. You can track incomes and expenses from a single screen on the platform. Due date tracking on customer and supplier invoices is also possible with all active inputs and outputs within your company. With the option of setting alarms, you can receive notifications when the due dates of your payables are approaching, so that you can work without any problems or confusion. If you need a contact management solution, sign up now. You can transfer your current payables and receivables records directly to the system. Immediately start using this system without losing time on any changes. With income-expense tracking, you won't miss any payments or have to deal with complex plans. You can also access breakdowns of your current accounts whenever you want. Download them in PDF or Excel format, and share them instantly via e-mail. Moreover, extensive services and different functions, such as current account execution tracking and customer account tracking, are available.

Contact Inventory Management

If you need an inventory tracking system for your company, you can perform these transactions easily without getting an external inventory management software other than KolayBi’. Thanks to its simplicity to use, you can carry out your transactions problem-free. Moreover, you can continue working in the most efficient manner with zero error. Quickly transfer all inventory records to this system and start using it smoothly. Always providing the clearest information on the status of your inventories in the most practical way, this system also offers a user-friendly interface. Thanks to the Contact Inventory Management feature, the platform gives you the chance to achieve greater success. Inventory tracking always provides your business with numerous advantages. Your inventories will be updated as soon as you make sales; therefore, you will not need to revise your inventory status after each sale. You can also set an inventory limit on the system and receive a notification when you reach this limit. This means you can keep inventories at optimum levels, depending on your needs. With the platform's contact management and inventory management features, you don't have to spend your energy on calculations and tracking procedures, leaving you free to focus on other work that's equally important.

Invoice Tracking with the Contact Management Feature

Facilitating your customer relations significantly with functions such as customer account tracking, this system makes it possible to track invoices. This platform will save you the time and effort involved in organizing invoices. You will only need to create an invoice template when you start to use the software. It is so practical that you can issue invoices in only a few minutes. It is possible to continue invoicing transactions easily and without delay, even when you are not at the office. KolayBi' makes it possible to issue e-Archive invoices of TRY 2,000 - 5,000 without visiting the Revenue Administration portal, one of the most important features of the platform. With due date tracking on customer and supplier invoices, you can track collection and payment transactions of your due, delayed, or unplanned invoices wherever you want, and control your cash flow accordingly. This will help you to prevent any setbacks in your business. Moreover, you can filter existing invoices, and easily find what you are looking for. You can download and send all kinds of documents, especially invoices. Don't forget that you can speed up your business life with KolayBi'.

What is Contact Management?

It is the capability of parties engaged in the purchase/sale of services or goods with each other to view services and corresponding payments by recording the relevant workflow.

How is Contact Management Performed?

Contact management is performed by keeping complete records of receivables. Contact management should be performed in consultation with experts in order to avoid confusion, because receivables are also divided into several subcategories.

How is Customer Account Tracking Performed?

Contact management follows the same processes as customer account tracking. Possible confusion is prevented by means of both parties' meticulous follow-up of the account.