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The easisest way of accounting

Digitalize your business with KolayBi' Accounting Software, which includes keepbooking solutions specific to all needs of SMEs and dozens of products that will take your business forward, from invoice management to current account tracking, from order management to warehouse tracking features!

Current Tracking

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Fatura takibi ikonu

Invoice Tracking

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Proje gelir gider takibi görseli

Income-Expence Tracking

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Order Management

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Warehouse | Stock Management

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Project Management

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Products That Will Make Your Work Easier

KolayBi' Bank
takım elbiseli kravatlı ve gözlüklü bankacı erkek görseli
Virtual POS
elinde kart tutan erkek persona ve görsel
e-Commerce Integrations
sağ tarafı iaret eden mor elbiseli kadın görseli
Fuel Discount

Frequently asked Questions

We have compiled some questions for you that we think will be useful.
What is a accounting software? Why should it be used?
A Accounting Program program is a generally cloud-based software application that helps businesses track and control their financial processes. It is developed to facilitate the financial management of businesses and is frequently used in small and medium-sized businesses.
With the Accounting Software, many operations such as invoice management and tracking, bank integration, e-commerce integration, current account management and tracking, stock-warehouse management and financial reporting can be carried out.
Do I need to get  training to use KolayBi' accounting program?
KolayBi' Accounting Program is designed according to user needs with its user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand features.

Therefore, you can start using KolayBi immediately without any special training. You can also see our usage support features through our support page we have prepared for our users.
What is the 2023 e-Invoice Transition Obligation?
Regardless of sector, all taxpayers with 2022 gross sales revenue of 3 million lira or more must switch to e-invoice on July 1, 2023. However, the use of e-invoice has been made mandatory for some sectors with 2022 gross sales revenue of 500 Thousand TL or more.  Those who buy and sell real estate, motor vehicles, those who sell goods and services on the internet, and tourism hotel businesses.
What are the advantages of using a accounting program?
Carrying out accounting processes with a cloud-based pre-accounting program enables businesses to make their financial processes more efficient.
It minimizes human errors and increases the efficiency of businesses while saving time. Additionally, it stores your financial data securely and allows you to access it whenever you want.
What are the differences between preliminary accounting and general accounting?
While general accounting takes steps to prepare the business against the legal procedures and follow the regulations against the legal regulations and legal obligations of the authorities such as the Revenue Administration and the Ministry of Finance, the preliminary accounting processes are carried out on matters expressed in money within the company (cash tracking, invoice management, current account balances). management etc.) to take part.
Do those who switch to e-Invoice application have to switch to e-ledger application as well?
All businesses with a gross sales revenue of 3 million TL or more in 2022, regardless of sector, and certain types of businesses with an annual income of 500 Thousand TL in 2022 must have switched to e-invoice on 1 July 2023, while e-Ledger can be used on 01.01.2024 at the latest. They also need to switch to its application.

You can contact us for any other questions you want answered.

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