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Private Company

Private company accounting transactions, an agreement is usually made with a financial advisor for a certain fee. Following the conclusion of the agreement, all purchases and sales of goods and services within the company should be reported to the financial advisor. There are income-expense tracking software developed to record the monthly expenses of the sole proprietorship more quickly and easily. It is a very eligible program those who want to look at the financial situation of the company from a general perspective. It is obligatory to issue an invoice for the sales of goods and services made after the establishment of a private company.

People who want to issue e-invoices can do the billing process from the e-archive portal created by the Revenue Administration (GİB). At the same time, there are many billing programs that have special software. Invoice programs provide the opportunity to make current account follow-up and income-expenses as well as issuing e-invoices. There is also the option of printing an invoice for people who want to have an invoice in paper form. To make all these steps more practical, you can also choose KolayBi’ accounting software. Thanks to the pre-accounting SaaS, you can make different transactions that may belong to your work practical.