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Easy accounting program for consultants!

Start using KolayBi’ right away with its interface that cares about user experience, and spend your time with your clients!

Regularly create records for all your customers

Especially for consultants who work with more than one company simultaneously, tracking incomes and expenses is crucial. With KolayBi', you can list your current accounts in detail, and see your payables and receivables instantly on all your devices. Moreover, you can easily distinguish which payment is from which customer. All you need to do is separately record the incomes and expenses of each project you are working on. If you have multiple companies, manage them all from a single screen and focus on growth, without getting lost between systems.

Act fast from start to finish!

From the moment you contact your customer to the completion of payment, it is very easy to make quick returns with KolayBi'. Create proforma invoices to convey your offers to your customers. Complete the process in minutes with ready-made templates. Has your offer been accepted? Immediately convert your proforma invoice into a sales invoice, forward it to your customer, and speed up payment collection. Easily track the payment of invoices to your bank account using online bank account integration, and perform all these transactions in the currency you want!

Consulting Sector

Trust is an important factor in the consulting industry. Projects built on solid foundations with the companies you work with will increase your positive interactions both for you and for the companies you have contracted with. Many more services such as management, international transactions, informatics, marketing, production, SME, finance and accounting consultancy, provided by KolayBi, include easy pre-accounting program packages for consultancy offices working with multiple companies. If you want to expand your coverage in the consultancy sector, you will need a solid and reliable pre-accounting, as well as expert staff. Thus, it allows you to keep track of income and expenses practically in the projects you work on. In addition, you can view who you are working with in each project separately and categorize the payments of your customers and put an end to the confusion.