e-Voucher for the Self-Employed

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The easiest accounting software for freelancers!

While self-employed people can keep track of their income, expense and current account using KolayBi’, they also will integrate their business into digital.

The convenience of free e-vouchers for the self-employed!

Easily switch to e-voucher for the self-employed, which has become obligatory for the self-employed, and don't waste any more time on your financial operations! With KolayBi', issue vouchers online and send them to your customers instantly. And with the QNB Finansbank Digital Bridge campaign, don't pay any fees - including credits - for e-vouchers for the self-employed until 2022!

Measure your business's profitability, focus on the future

Facilitate your current account tracking by classifying the payable and receivable records of your current accounts according to projects. Receive payments on time and ensure your financial transactions flow smoothly. If you wish, you can receive payments via e-mail or SMS with Virtual POS integration. You can track incoming payments instantly with online bank account integration.


Self-employment branches are specified in the Income Tax Law. Some professions who want to work independently may be self-employed. In order to be self-employed, it is necessary to operate in one of the specified professions. In addition, self-employed persons must maintain a self-employed accounting record. KolayBi’ accounting software makes it easy for you to manage the process in the healthiest way with the right steps. With KolayBi’, which offers smart solutions in the field of accounting, you can track and manage the accounting transactions of your business.