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The most important and detailed processes for importing and exporting businesses progress quickly and without errors with KolayBi’ Accounting Software.

Easy solutions for all buying and selling processes!

Working with different countries and currencies should not create confusion in your accounting. With KolayBi', you can use any currency you choose in all your accounting processes, such as payment, collection and invoicing. You can issue an invoice for each order in the currency you choose, and get paid in whatever currency you work with. You can easily track all your buying and selling transactions in foreign currency by integrating your bank accounts with the system and keeping records of your payments up-to-date!

Don't let borders come between you and your customers!

Smart businesses working with smart accounting software buy and sell while keeping track of the essential details. With KolayBi', you can handle contact management and see your payables and receivables on a single screen, and you can view your account history at any time. By keeping regular and practical records in inventory management, you can update inventories according to the invoices you have issued, and respond to your orders without missing any sales. With KolayBi', you can see your entire workflow without getting lost in the details, and be in control.

Import & Export

Import-export is of great importance in the relations of different world countries with each other. Companies that choose this path directly contribute to the growth and development of their economies when they work internationally. Each country processes its precious metals, minerals, fossil fuels and many more specific resources and markets these products as raw materials or processed product compounds to other countries in need in the sector. Thus, consumers can meet their product needs that they cannot benefit from in local businesses. When import, export transactions and accounting applications are used in an integrated way, countries as secondary affected by this situation can use this linear development in many different areas such as education systems and infrastructures when they experience an increase in their financial development. You can keep your global development and market share in high indices by establishing the balance between import-export in this order correctly and effectively.