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Making production and sales processes easy, it changes everything!

Yielding the time efficiently in production processes improves both production and sales.

In your production process and all other expenses

See the financial flow in all processes in your company on a single screen. List your current balances on KolayBi whenever you want and regulate the flow between you and your customers and suppliers. See the expenses in your production processes in the currency you want and update them easily by matching them with your bank accounts. Spend the time you earn from pre-accounting transactions for production and growth.

Access your stocks and offers anytime and anywhere!

Two important things to elevate your business: the items that you prepare and the customers who waiting for your products. These two issues are with you wherever you can access the internet with KolayBi’. See the amount of product you produce, create offers for sale even if you are not in the office. Moreover, by listing all your customers, see how much you have sold to whom. All very easy, all in KolayBi’!

Manufacturing Sector

KolayBi’ accounting software allows you to see the financial flow in your company's processes on a single screen. Thus, you can list your current balances at any time. The special pre-accounting software, with which you can regulate the flow between your customers and suppliers, also makes it easy for you to access your stocks and offers from anywhere.