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Innovative solutions for your time management!

Let’s meet your business with the easiest accounting software that focuses your time on growing your business instead of keeping accounting records!

Reply to your customers from wherever you are!

You don't need to be at the office to respond to your customers' requests between busy meetings and negotiations. Share payments, invoices, and much more with your customers on KolayBi' anytime. Focus more on your new business and sales through efficient time management.

Manage your business regularly and quickly!

Keep track of your work and balances simply and regularly with KolayBi'. View your current accounts and balances, and focus on your most profitable projects by keeping detailed records of the incomes and expenses of your projects. Accelerate your cash flow by making collections from anywhere you want via SMS and e-mail with Virtual POS integration.


The stability of a business is closely tied to its financial sustainability. These; It can be evaluated from financial records to stock management, from current follow-up to follow-up of money flow. With its cloud-based structure and user-friendly design, KolayBi is an accounting software for companies that you can use from anywhere. With KolayBi, you can create e-Invoices easily and focus on growing your company while avoiding paper, file and space costs.