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Easy-to-use accounting software for technology companies!

Appropriate for the fast-paced nature of tech companies, innovative accounting software KolayBi’ will save you time for new ideas!

Easily track the detailed flow of all your projects!

Don't get lost in separate records for all the projects you are working on. With KolayBi', you can track project-specific income and expenses online and on a single screen. You can easily list all your costs and payment items for each project, including expenses for personnel working on them. This allows you to detect your most profitable projects at a glance, and observe your business's profit margin accurately and comprehensively.

Grow fast with online integrations!

KolayBi' offers many integrations that will save you time and facilitate your growth! Use e-Invoice integration to issue and send invoices to your customers easily and immediately. Virtual POS integration enables making quick payment collections via SMS or e-mail, reviving cash flow. Use online bank integration to see how all this flow is reflected in your bank account. Update incoming and outgoing amounts in your accounting records, and keep your financials under control. All this convenience facilitates quick growth.

Software IT, Technology Sector

IT sector companies leave behind old-fashioned accounting methods and use cutting-edge cloud web-based systems and act according to the requirements of the age. With the cloud computing system, which will inspire many sectors by creating big waves in the web world, it offers businesses the opportunity to follow their business at lower costs in the existing competitive environment with lower costs and advanced technological services. With KolayBi’ accounting software is suitable for the speed of the industry, handle your accounting processes and financial sustainability from a single screen, focus on growing your business!