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Now you have more time to increase your sales with KolayBi’

Speed in the trade, takes you beyond what you expect. Save time and grow your business by making your job easier in accounting management.

Having a good grasp of your finances is crucial to the future of your business!

We know the importance of payments and future collections in your decisions for growing your business. Send the invoices you have issued for wholesale and retail purchases on KolayBi' to your customers, and don't be late when it comes to collecting payment. Keep your income under control by monitoring the due dates of the invoices you issue. Calculate your costs by recording your company's expenses. By seeing your cash flow and bank activities whenever you want, draw up a road map and always go further!

With perfect inventory management, orders turn into sales immediately!

Whether you work wholesale or retail, manage your inventories easily and regularly With KolayBi', regardless of your inventory volume. Calculate the costs of the products you sell by seeing the purchase and sale prices, taxes and additional costs together, and categorize them with tags. See the product you want by listing it immediately, turn your customers' requests into quick sales.

Wholesale and Retail

Pre-accounting softwares provides fast and easy accounting records for wholesale and retail processes. All required modules are available in the application. All-important operations such as personnel expenses, stock information, invoice tracking is carried out through a single program. The most important advantage of the program is to take regular backups of the information. In this way, the risk of losing information is very low. All required reporting processes are carried out in a short time through the software. It is a very useful SaaS technology for those who aim to grow their business step by step. The pre-accounting software which developed by KolayBi’ with taking into account customer needs, helps you organize your work better and the easiest way!