Our Happy Customers

We have many customers who are pleased with KolayBi' and managing their companies
more efficiently. Do you want to be one of them?
"It was very important for me to learn quickly despite having no accounting experience. With the simple interface, I quickly adapted to accounting and the area of finance. Now we can easily track our finances and inventories. Thank you, KolayBi'!"
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"We started to use KolayBi' in our construction company, and integrated our companies by using the multi-company feature. It is wonderful to track our finances from a single application."
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Tekpro İnşaat
"Before KolayBi', we used various software, which did not satisfy our needs after a while, so we started to search for something different. So we chose KolayBi' and greatly increased our efficiency."
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Ecevit Şimşek
Gediz Yapı İnşaat
"The KolayBi' accounting software allowed us to work and control our business while away from the office. We achieved a net increase in the efficiency of our accounting department. Thank you, KolayBi'!"
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STRS Yatırım A.Ş.
"The KolayBi' team of experts in the field of accounting worked night and day to carefully think through the transaction scenarios of all users, and created a product accordingly. Looking at the product with all the experience from my sector, I see it is user-friendly and well-designed software."
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Biltek Tasarım ve Yazılım A.Ş.
"KolayBi' is an ever-developing service that attaches importance to customer feedback. Especially in the e-Invoice integration process, they made it possible for us to act quickly and experience an easy transition. They executed contracts to create price advantages for us, and allowed us to benefit from these services for free."
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İbrahim KILIÇ
Modern Yazılım

Our Valuable Solution Partners

We always try to establish business partnerships focused on customer satisfaction by evaluating the demands of our users. We extend sincere thanks to each of our solution partners for their contributions to us and our product.