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KolayBi’ is a low-cost, high-efficiency accounting software for all sectors!

The right steps help your company grow. Start using KolayBi now, track financial data instantly, respond quickly to your customers requests and grow your business!

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Smart solutions in accounting management!

Discover the perfect way to save on time and costs you would otherwise spend on accounting management. With the countless conveniences offered by KolayBi', businesses in all sectors can instantly monitor their incomes and expenses, and start a new chapter in their order and inventory management. See the profit rates of the products you sell or the projects you carry out on a single screen and keep all your company's incomes and expenses under control. Increase your income by completing your sales quickly, from receiving orders to issuing invoices.

Manage and earn from anywhere!

Manage and earn from anywhere!

All Sectors

On the basis of accounting, it takes the necessary steps for businesses to follow up the correct documents and ensure their sectoral growth. While sectors such as transportation, communication and informatics are intertwined in today's conditions, every company that provides service to the society wants to measure the quality of the service it provides and eliminate its problems. Thus, he can move forward more easily in the direction he wants in the sector and create time for new products and proposals. With KolayBi’, you can quickly respond to the changing needs of your customers and make the quality of the service available to companies from all walks of life.

What you can do with KolayBi' accounting software

From contact management to cash flow, invoice processes to inventory tracking, KolayBi' has all the features you need to organize your business with ease.

Contact Management

Manage all payables-receivables-collection records relating to your customers, suppliers, or staff from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Facilitate your work by keeping your inventory information up-to-date. Get notified immediately when you're running low on stock!

Invoice Tracking

Issue invoices easily, see your paid and unpaid invoices, and track past invoice records from anywhere.

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